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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tips & Variations: Smackin' Acetate

Hello friends!  We hope you've had fun playing along the past week with our Smackin' Acetate challenge!  We've got some tips and variations for you to try out so let's get started!

Katy suggests:
1. Use a sparkly mist instead of water.  I used Perfect Pearls Mists and it blended the marker colors and added shimmer.

Karen P says:
1. You can use reinkers or inks - just one drop of each and spray across - you will get beautiful bands of colour.   If you want it more blended then spray downwards.
2. I can't hold acetate very well so I used a large 5"x7" slim stamp mount to do my 'smacking' with.
3. Cheap felt tip pens work as well as expensive inks and markers.
4. After you have printed one piece of card/paper you can spray the acetate/acrylic with water and again place card down onto it - to get a paler blend of colours.
5. If you want to do a big area but want to see what your colours look like first use a white lid - you can make the bands of colour dark or light dependent on the look you want.
6. It's addictive - you've been warned lol!

Mynn recommends:
1. Vary the distance you spray the ink from to get different splatters and blending.
2. Try drawing patterns with markers and spraying for a fun textured look.
3. Combine with masking to create a scene.
4. Smack the acetate onto a background stamp to create a more textured look.



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