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Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Week Left!

Just  friendly reminder to all of my fabulous followers--you've got one more week to enter into the Velveteen Stamping challenge!  Can't wait to see your creations!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

April Winner & Showcased Cards

Hello!  Thanks to all of you who participated in the April challenge, Stamped Punch Window!  So, now it's time for me to share with all of you who I've decided to honor as Top Winner and the other fabulous projects that definitely deserve to be Showcased!

Let's start with our Top Winner~

What a fabulous creation!  LOVE the way she's stamped the holly off the edge and the use of all that bling!  Congratulations, Kim!!!

And now the Technique Tuesday Showcase~

Ladies, please take the appropriate banner from my Showcase & Winner Badges tab and display it proudly on your blog--you deserve it!

Thank you to everyone for playing along, please remember to play along again this month!  The technique is called Velveteen Stamping, and it punches a big WOW for such a quick and easy treatment!  I can't wait to see what you create!  Happy stamping, friends!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Velveteen Stamping

Hello, everyone!  First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who played along last month!  I LOVE seeing how everyone uses the technique to create something that is totally their style!  That was the point of this challenge--for me to get more ideas. ;)  Actually, that really was one of the reasons!  But I know that is not what you came here for!  So, let's get down to brass tacks, shall we?! 

Before we begin, let me apologize for the mess you'll see in the's been crazy this month and cleanliness went OUT the door at some point...but I digress. This month, my Technique Tutorial is entitled...

Velveteen Stamping

Materials Needed

White or vanilla cardstock
White or vanilla pigment/craft ink (make sure it's the same color as the paper)
Bright colored inks (I've used 3)
A large "background" stamp
Bold solid image stamps
Old sock, dishtowel, piece of fabric--Something to daub with
Embellishments and other cardstocks to finish card

"How To"

1. Ink your background stamp up REALLY WELL with the white or vanilla ink.  I mean REALLY WELL.  Lay it on THICK.  Place your paper over the inked image and rub the back to transfer your image.  This assures you'll have an even and solid image.

2. Allow it to dry (I used a heat gun to help with this, but you could just walk away for a bit or work on something else for a little while).  This is what it will look like.  Isn't it pretty by itself?!

3. Stamp your bold colored images "randomly" (or maybe not so "randomly") onto your panel, daubing the images after each time you stamp.  Make sure to daub, not rub, as the colored ink will smear and look a little a bad way.  Let's not ask how I know, ok?

4. Embellish your panel and add it to your project. (Click on the picture to see the effect better.)

So, how's THAT for an easy tutorial?!  When I saw a card made with it, I was a little hesitant to try it, but I am so glad I did, because what a WOW effect from such an easy tutorial!!!  If you'd like to see more details about my card, please visit my personal blog, On a Stampage.  Ok, so now it's YOUR turn! 

I have a few rules I'd like you to follow, nothing big.  Please click on the rules tab at the top of this blog to read them before linking, please!  And don't forget to come back on the 15th to see the Top Winner and showcased cards from the Stamped Punch Window challenge!  Happy stamping!!!