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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Meet Claudia aka die amelie!

Servus (as we use to greet each other in my hometown Vienna)!

Blogland mainly knows me as "die amelie", but my real name is Claudia.
I am on the wrong side of forty and I live in Austria's capital Vienna in a lovely big flat near the Danube with my supporting husband and maths genius Andreas, my nine year old son Georg, our dog Bluna, two budgies and some fish in a tank.

I am an arts and crafts teacher but have been taking some time off the job, which turned out to be a clever idea, when we discoverd that my son deals with dislexia (which affords additional training and supervising his homework). So I proudly call myself a caring mom, housewife and zookeeper at the moment... (and I have to admit: I love it and do not miss my job at all).
Another good thing to this is that it provides me with a nice amount of spare time for some own crafting and painting, which I love to do at my (always crammed) big black crafting table in our "board-gaming and crafting room" ;)

I only started stamping in June last year, but immediately became addicted to this creative and interactive hobby! Being accustomed with many painting, drawing and crafting techniques helps, but I still have to learn a lot of new techniques one can find on this wonderful journey through crafty blogland! My favourite styles are mainly grunge and steampunk, my favourite techniques include embossing and creating timeworn surfaces. But I still keep discovering awesome techniques worth being tried out sometime (after I have tried out the ones I discovered earlier on). ;)

I look forward to creating with this wonderful and devoted creative team!

Waving "baba!" from Austria's mountains!


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Ellie Knol said...

You're all over the internet! LOL Happy to see you here!