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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mid Month Motivation: Take 2--No CASE

Hi, all!  SO sorry to do this, but I have been out of town for a family wedding and I haven't had time to CASE anyone this month. :(  BUT, I do have a Mid Month Motivation for you or the Baby Wipe Reinker Challenge! :)  I'm calling it "Take 2".

So, I'm not sure how you all felt about your baby wipe reinker pad, but I wanted to get a little more use out of it.  I don't throw things away right off, I wait to see if I can reuse it in the next few days, and so that is what I did with my ink pad that I created.  Here's what I did for "Take 2"!

Baby Wipe Reinker "Take 2"

Materials Needed
Previously created baby wipe reinker pad
Glimmer mist (mine's homemade)
Solid image rubber stamps

"How To"

1. Take your previously inked pad and spritz it generously with glimmer mist to get it wet again.

2. Press your stamp into the pad and stamp your images.

3. I added centers to my flowers--add whatever else your image needs.

4. Cut out if needed and add it to your project!  I still had my leftover scraps from my original card out and so I just copied it!  EASY, easy card to make!

You'll see that this card is a lot lighter than the original.  Make sure that when you choose a glimmer mist that it is a "clear" one--meaning it won't change the colors, just enhance it with a shimmer.

Here are my two cards side by side so you can see the color difference in the images~

So, there you have it!  I hope you take time to try "Take 2"!  It's so much fun and if you'd like to see more details on this card, they will be available at my personal blog, On a Stampage!  Happy stamping, friends! :)


Berni Cuttino said...

Glad you back. This card is gorgeous. Love the softness and beauty of the image. Thanks for the sweet visit and luv. Hugs

Stampsnob. said...

Oh this is such a great page .
Thank you for visiting my blog...Lis